One years gone


Trapped in the sorrow mood for the little incidents in everyday life and regrets of some things in past, intermittently I feel down in dumps and will come to myself after quite a long time. While I really lost myself in the state of low mood, people around me, even my intimates couldonly say something to comfort me but couldn’t really pull me out of it.


Another year’s College Entrance Examination is only three days’ far and I can’t help thinking back as I always drown myself in those old days, when everyone else around me was quite serious about thecoming exam, which would to some extent determine the roads we would go through  and the lives we would have. Also, I would often imagine the college life thatI would have as I was so desperate to be relieved from the high-pressured highschool life. And later, after I truly experienced my college life, I started to regret and come to know that those days in high school were the happiest everin my life. However, there was no way back.


I cherished the time when a large group ofpeople together tried their best to work hard to reach the same goal. Even whenyou felt like giving up or burning out, there would always someone around you patting you on the back and cheer you up to move on. And soon you would get inspired and attain the courage to fight with your partners. How I wish I could turn back time and experience the life myself again.


Days ago, someone of my grade started acampaign online, calling on the graduates of the alma mater to write some inspiring words on a piece of paper, and then take a photo, upload it to the Internet.Altogether the photos would be made into a video and then would be broadcast inthe graduating classes of our alma mater. I genuinely admired this idea, but Iwas not intended to do it as I felt a little shamed and embarrassed about mycollege. To a large degree, I failed in the College Entrance Examination and Isupposed that the attachment would follow me through my lifetime. I had toadmit that the feeling of failing remained all the time after I enter college.And even now, though one year passed, still I can’t get rid of this feeling.Afterwards, what precipitated me to write some words down and then sent it tothe organizer was that I realized people couldn’t always live in a atmospherewhere the negative air occupied the most part of it. The College EntranceExamination is just one of the big stops in my life. Many greater changesshould be made by my own efforts. And now I can’t change the past but to raisemy head and move on confidently. Anyway, the college you go to is just oneaspect of the judgments to someone. It can not really decide everything.


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